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The Story
The film tells the story of Mrs. Benson, a senior citizen former astronaut candidate
for the Apollo 11 mission, who has an obsession: to visit the new Planetarium
that just opened 0.53 miles from her boat house.

The film will reveal that Mrs. Benson failed to become an astronaut in the 60's
because her medical exam, doctors told her that her heart was too weak
to go to the moon (but they told all the women that). Now, in the late stage
of her life, Mrs. Benson once dream of landing on the moon has been replaced
with a new one - walking to the planetarium. To reach her goal, Mrs. Benson
will enter a world of Fantazy ...

The Trailer

When I first viewed this film, I felt as I was walking side by side
with Fellini, Dali, and Walt Disney through the Land of Oz, I was fascinated and intrigued form the beginning to the end! 

Alvaro, renown illustrator

I finally had a chance to see your short masterwork. It's the most gently outre, whimsically avant, charmingly abrasive film I've seen
in years, ant it shoots an arrow straight into my own heart - such a freaking delight, and a breath of fresh air.... Keep it up, keep producting, have an amazing time in Cannes, and keep me abreast
of your progress.
 Brian Felsen, CD Baby President

on the script "It's emotionally moving, poignant and humorous.
Your imaginative use of the moving image to advance the story
rather than gratuitous use of words, is most exciting
"   Roy Thinnes, Actor  
Festivals & Awards
May, Cannes Film Festival at the Short Film Corner (France)
May, Delray Beach Film Festival (Floria)
March, Honolulu International Film Festival (Hawaii)

   received the Silver Lei Award for Excellence in Filmmaking
December, Festival du Cinema de Paris (France)
November, Radar Hamburg Film Festival (Germany)
Aug, Chinh India Kids Film Festival (India)
July, Beijing International Film Festival, Greening the Beige(China)

June received the Bronze Telly Award for Use of Animation

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